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How to Fully Enjoy Lipsticks and Stain.


Look for lip sticks that are known for the satiny application (not to be confused with the finish at all). Just the opposite tend to  wick what little moisture you have in your lips away, especially if the lips were dry before application. They include ingredients like  waxes that may be used to make the lipstick or synthetic oils that only sit on top of the skin, causing you to not only need to reapply the lipstick more often, but often a balm as your lips can become more chapped than when you started.

Choose lipsticks that have vitamins in them. Choosing a lipsticks with vitamins inside of them can help maintain the health of your lips over a long term period. Overnight lip treatments are also a great option. Vitamins A, E, and C are the three keys to healthy lip skin.
Avoid lipsticks that feel too waxy. Waxy lipsticks are meant to trap in moisture and color. Many lipsticks in this category actually pull the moisture from the lips, causing flaking of the lip skin to set in much more quickly.
Be wary of the type of primers you use on your lips. Primers are meant to enhance the wear of you lip color both in pigmentation and duration. Very few primers actually prolong the wear of lipstick so be on the look out when opting the extend the wear of your lip color.
Perfume is awesome, not in your lipstick though. Lipstick with heavy perfumes in them can cause the wearer a headache. This is especially true because the smell has a direct channel into the sinus cavity. In addition to that, the smell can mix with the natural oils from your body over time, creating a new, often unpleasant smell.
  • TIPS:
Blot lip color to minimize feathering and unnatural textures on lips. Do this as you normally would; for best results, use a smooth tissue and brush. Do not press lips together over tissue as it may remove a lot of the color from your lips or make it spread!
Apply lipstick with a brush or finger when possible. For more vibrant shades, use a brush to define the shape of your lips with precision. For nude or flush tones, use your finger to trace the shape of your lips and give you color a more natural finish.
If you find that your lipstick is drying, apply a salve or comparable balm that has spf of at least twelve. Stick to salves over balms as they have a less waxy application over most balms. The spf will protect the kin from sun damage. This is especially important because the skin on your lips is highly susceptible to sun damage even from just five minutes of sun exposure.
If you apply lipstick directly from the tube make sure to clean the applicator bi-weekly. Whether or not anyone admits it, we all get little extras on our lipstick that can cause nasty bacteria to grow and shorten the shelf life of your product, especially if it lacks the synthetic preservatives that help stifle the development of said germs. When in doubt, wipe it clean.
Apply a sugar scrub to your lips at night to help slough off dead skin plates and stimulate circulation. Drink a lot of water. The first signs of dehydration are generally the lips. Which causes flaky, cracked skin on the lips.
For stains,
The type of applicator can make or break your application: Felt tips are the most agreeable in this case, but less sanitary than a brush, or stick.
Avoid stains that feel to syrupy or sticky. They’ll and unnecessary weight to your lips, and harden to your lips.
Avoid stains that smell strongly of alcohol. If your stain has a strong smell of alcohol, check the ingredients for alcohol content. This can effect the intensity of the color and spoil the color.
  • TIPS:
Perfume is okay here! The scents in stains are not usually overwhelming, so it’s okay to indulge in products that are perfumed. Be wary of their alcohol content, however.
Lancome, Fashion Fair, Benefit, and Saint Laurent are across the board favorites of mine, but you could also check the recommendations/reviews made by DSP or PD for any other brands that offer similar benefits, if not more.

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