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Shop Love: Teaser (2/5)


"    Who would have dreamed that Ariel and Flounder's narrow escape from the shark could become a thing of such beauty? The glittering minds behind Disney Couture, that's who. Hinged bracelet. 2.5" at its widest with a little Flounder charm and a signature starfish. Tiny Swarovski crystals at each hinge. Bangle style that does not open. 14KT gold plated."
A perfect Summer accessory; just add to your favorite beach outerwear and go! It wouldn't hurt to add this to your favorite nautical coordinate either, right? A definite addition to our collective wishlist~ That's it for part two of shop love, but we'll be making updates throughout the week, as usual!

Shop Love: Teaser (1/5)


"Look as pretty as a portrait in this silver cameo bezel necklace! Inspired by antique Victorian cameos, this pendant necklace features a lovely raised carving of a woman set in a lace-like silver bezel. Includes 18" adjustable silver chain with 1.25"x1" ivory colored cameo charm."
The only way that this piece could get better would be if it came as a brooch or small segment of a charm bracelet, to be honest. We love cameo necklaces as a centerpiece for demure coordinates! This is it for part on of Shop Love, but stop in again tomorrow for part two~

Shop Love: Teaser (5/5)

And the mystery shop is..


Who's Tess?

Tess is, in many ways, your typical twenty-something girl. She loves movies, tennis, sushi, her dog Hank and her hometown of Baltimore - and most of all, she loves clothes. Since she can remember, she has spent hours poring over fashion sites and magazines to carefully dissect what designers are showing and celebrities are wearing, and she firmly believes that the thrill one gets from wearing a new dress is the best mood elevator out there.
But Tess had a problem. For years, when she had nearly succeeded in putting together a perfect look - perhaps an outfit that mixed a timeless investment piece with a trendier item or a cheeky vintage find - she found herself getting 'tripped' up in the same place: what to do with her woefully, inescapably bare feet. Wearing an 11, she was unable to find shoes in her size that met her aesthetic standards; the suggestions of salespeople to try something in a men's or comfort style met with her rightful indignation.
Fortunately, Tess refused to settle for these sub-par options and in 2005, she enlisted her mother to help her found Barefoot Tess. Their mission was, and is, to provide the best in footwear - be it a $15 flip-flop or an $800 boot - to large-footed, fashion-conscious women everywhere. Tess' love of fashion has never been about how much something costs, what size it is or who designed it. It's about style, and style shouldn't stop at size 10." is a boutique shoe shop specializing in sizes 10 and up.  They cater to the tastes of every avid fashionista's preference and in past years, they've been catching the eyes of everyone from Instyle magazine to But you don't have to take our word for it, visit their PR page and have a look. Ladies, if you've ever had to put a pair of shoes back because they were too small for you (and we hope you weren't really wearing them; that can cause problems with age!) look no further- Tess has go you covered every step of the way! Well here's to part two of shop love, tune in next monday for the next shop love segment~

Cloud Nine Kollektiv: Weeklky Beauty Blog Hop!


It's time for our weekly beauty blog hop! We had a hard time deciding who to include this time; we happened across so many good blogs. But! We can only choose five per week and that's what we're sticking with. Let's have a look at the nominees!

Shop Love: Teaser (4/5)


"These glam leather and suede booties are meant for gallivanting. Gallivanting anywhere really--into the club, across the globe, down the hall to flirt with the cute neighbor-boy who may or may not be straight, but hopefully is. The point is these booties are fab. Good luck with the neighbor-boy!"
 Here's to another great Fall buy! These shoes are functional, fab, and full sized for your convenience. If you're willing to ignore the wait of shipping, these babies are only a daydream away from being in you hot little hands.. Since this is technically the last day of shop love for the week, we'll be releasing the final teaser later today, so stick around for the finale~

What's BB Cream? 03

      In our last two installments of "What's BB Cream," we covered what this product is actually supposed to do and gave our pseudo review on it. Well, If you're in the market to try a BB but don't know how to approach a BB cream, we're here to help:

Fall Look of the Week: Don't Trust a Woman in red, Just Love Her.


Shop Love: Teaser (3/5)


"New from Miz Mooz, the Patricia wedge, edgy, flirty, yet classy, with a 1-inch wooden platform sole arcing to a 3.5 inch heel, a rubber sole, peep-toe, and leather upper with a laced-up vamp."
This is honestly more of a Springtime shoe, but we're in love with it either way; we can make it work. Keep your eyes peeled for part four of this week's shop love segment!

Shop Love: Teaser One and Two.


"A feminine update on the desert boot, notably worn by Indiana Jones and other adventurers, these wedge booties are versatile with a high glam factor. And you could also wear them while running from a giant rolling boulder! They're that comfortable."
The Mallorca, a classic closed toe espadrille, in gorgeous striped fabrics, and a cushy rubber sole. 
 (No comment as I'm currently still in shock from finding a spider in my room.. Stay tuned for the next teaser!)

Cloud Nine Kollektiv: Weeky Beauty Blog Hop!


It's time for the first in a long and fruitful series of blog hops for the kollektiv. We've been anxiously waiting for Friday to come so that we could get this segment underway, so here we go! But, before we get started, we'd like to make  a few things more clear:
  • Anyone with a web page is welcome to apply for inclusion in this hop. You need to send us an email @ with the the following information enclosed:
  1. Name:
  2. Site:
  3. Title:
  4. Category: (supposed to be beauty blog exclusive, but we may lift this stipulation later on)
  5. Preferred method of contact: (only if it will not be the address used to submit your application)
  6. Google+ enabled: (Yes or no, state which.)  
  • After you apply we will review your site based upon its content and age; we like to give recognition to younger blogs with nice content but we want to avoid linking to pages that are too full of unrelated information or rated materials.
  • If we want to include your page in the blog hop, we will email you back within three (3) business days.
  • You may apply from Friday through Wednesday of the following week; applications sent after 11:59:59 pm PST will be discarded or reconsidered for the next cycle of the blog hop. 
  • We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the hop, but you need to ask using our email. Thank You!
And now for the main event!

Shop Love: The Unveiling (Teaser 5/5).


But you knew that Already, right? Our previous teasers were a bit of a dead giveaway, in our opinion: not very many shops have such vibrant descriptions tacked on every product that they carry.

True Blues: Five Blue-Hued Cosmetics to die For.

L'oreal HIP Studio Secrets Shadow Duo, Showy 224

NYX Eyeshadow Single, Atlantic

Milani Baked Shadow Single, Blue My Mind

Shop Love: Teaser 4/5.

"Whether you choose to smooth this rosy-hued cream rouge from Besame upon your cheeks or lips, this concentrated cream makeup will add a natural glow to your gorgeous complexion. This weightless cream comes in a ruby-red tin adorned with a vintage-inspired floral design, which is perfect for tucking into the pocket of your vintage-inspired purse or the pocket of your dress. Apply a dab of this timeless rouge, and slip on your favorite fit-and-flare dress, and you’ll be ready for any fabulous event the day may bring your way."
       I'm a glutton for a good cheek tint so when I saw this I just had to share it. I'm mostly a fan of rouge and deep plum tints, but with time I think I can become more open to using other bold colors like deep oranges.. This particular tint is about 21.00USD, but I've hear that it lasts too long to make a fuss about the price. I'll be the judge of that! And while this beauty venture is underway, keep your eyes peeled for the final installment of this week's 'Shop Love' segment! You won't believe all the goodies this store has on hand~

MAYBELLINE Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium

      And now it would seem that I'm a bit torn between the desire for a good tinted moisturizer/foundation/bb cream.. I've heard quite a lot of bad things about this bb cream (but most of it was do to Eastern affinity for major brands, many of which don't perform that well either, so you may already know how I've felt while sifting through these 'reviews'). I've tried it myself and, to be honest, I'm right about it quite a bit for a person who doesn't use it.. Like, I don't really have any interest in wearing it myself or doing shade hunting. There are few brands that make affordable bb's in a full range of tones so I just hadn't put much thought into whether or not I should even bother wearing it (that, and vanity toning have turned me off from the idea of wearing it). However, one thing in particular caught my eye when I tried this bb..

Urban Decay Event on HauteLook!


      Really quickly: Haute Look is having an event with Urban Decay! Most everything is on sale and there are some very good shadow singles including URB and WOODSTOCK available for 6.00USD (MSRP18.00USD). I'm looking into getting Woodstock, as I'm an avid fan of red shadows, especially for brown eyes.. Hurry on into Hautelok for the sale, their inventory isn't likely to last much longer; quite a few of their items are already sold out!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Single, Woodstock; 6.00 @ hautelook

Black Radiance Eyeshadow Quads in Tapestry and Desert Clay.


      I've been holding out on doing this review, but I was finally able to get it done! I'm an avid fan of Black Radiance Cosmetics and as always, I felt inclined to do a review of one of their products. These two palettes actually came to me as a gift from co-writer and friend Symone (thanks so much! I love these and use them almost daily), and I have to say that I'm taken aback by their quality. Let's have a look see~

Shop Love: Teaser 3/5.

"Sometimes the smallest detail can have a big impact - case in point, the rose-gold-metallic cap toe on these Zorro Cap boots by Jeffrey Campbell. These black leather boots incorporate high-impact shine into your ensemble by way of minimal extravagance with their classic combat-style appeal and slight heel. Featuring a lace-up front with gold top hooks, they’re easy to slip into with the side zip closure and pair perfectly with textured tights, a pleated skirt, and graphic print tee. Give your outfit a kick of colorful sheen with these bold boots!"
        If there's one piece that I'm always itching to get when the fall wardrobe is officially in season, it's a good pair of pointed-toe boots. The right pair of boots (or shoes in general), with regard to the lack of  proper accentuation in one's daily out assembly, can update an entire look. Go from zero to chic with boots for every occasion, as I sometimes say. need a night-out look without the pain of stiletto heels? A good pair of high-heeled boots (or the more prolifically chosen bootie) can do the job with less mileage on your feet as your night progresses. Not a fan of the boot? Tell us why here! That about sums up part three of shop love; You already know which store this is, don'tcha?

Coming Soon: Weekly Beauty Blog Hop!

Along side our weekly 'Shop Love' campaign, we'll be hosting a weekly blog hop! We'll pick five of our favorite blogs each week and provide a detailed review, plus highlights from the most recent posts! We encourage everyone to participate in our blog hops by submitting their pages, comments, or feedback at the end of each week to our e-mail. There are a lot of great beauty blogs out there that don't get enough recognition; we want to change that, but we're gonna need help from our readers. Tune in, speak up, stand out!
We have already determined what pages will be included in our first line up, but you are welcome to submit your pages still! E-mail us or use the DM feature on Twitter (@cloud9kollektiv) to get more info on how to participate.

Shop Love: Teaser 2/5.


"Tomorrow is the day of your big pitch to a new client. You’ve learned your potential partners inside-out to develop just the right strategy for success. Now all you need is a prepared look that will keep you focused in front of a crowd, and this business-savvy black dress is just the thing. The tailored neckline boasts a built-in bolero-like cut and offers an air of authority. Flexible fabric and the clean design give you a comfortable fit and a modest hem helps you feel confident. Pair with polished pumps, textured tights, and an accent scarf, and you’ll be destined to impress."
       This is absolutely one of the best little black dresses I've ever seen. It goes with literally every heel currently in my possession and I'm finding that I'm inexplicably drawn to little black dresses with the change of the season, pretty mundane right? I've got a few more style quirks up my sleeve, but as for the shop love teaser, I'm gonna throw the pause switch! Look out for part three tomorrow~

UPDATE: Get a Good Last Look at our Front Page..

Due to a consistent coding conflict we can no longer show our support by using this particular theme. We are downgrading our site to the standard template so that it will load more quickly for our visitors and we will be working to replace our theme in the meantime. Thanks for understanding and reading our page.

Shop Love: Teaser 1/5.

"Your favorite spot to ruminate is a crackled, worn leather chair at your neighborhood cafe. You're headed there today, and as a last-minute thought, you button this pagoda-esque cardigan on with your indie tee, slim jeans, and ballet flats. Upon arriving, you're glad you decided to wear this charcoal sweater. Its diamond-textured knit, closed at top by three buttons, keeps you warm despite the slight draft today, and its stand-up collar and wide, cropped sleeves have you looking so sharp, the barista - who you've always had a crush on - comments on how nice you look!"
       Chances are, you already know where we're headed with a teaser like this: we're taking on a 'sweater weather is better weather' approach in favor of our weekly collective shop hop! We'll reveal the shop source at the end of each week (though many of you already know where our pieces came from), but reveal a clue daily, followed by a little blip about why each piece appropriately reflects our subject!
Why this Piece?
In favor of the official ushering in of Fall, I've been doing a major wardrobe haul in favor of sweaters and cute but functional outerwear. This piece in particular I chose for its construction and versatility; this cardigan is warm enough that you wouldn't have to layer up underneath it to keep toasty and a great prologue to an a-line or empire waisted dress with tent trimming, preferably one that hits at about mid thigh.
The Clue-In.
      Samples galore, the consumers are the judges of the merchant's product base, directly.

Nicel Day + Night Facial Creams with AHA, Aloe, and Retinol.

Nicel Day, Night, and Defense Products
    I've been very lucky to happen across these products while in a dollar general. I'm going to come out right now and say that I'm the first person to turn my nose up at any skincare product that I see at the dollar store (because I have ridiculously sensitive skin, and bad history with things like this), but I was in the market for a good aloe, HLA, AHA/ceramide moisturizer, and a retinol cream (since vitamin A apparently does not come in a pill..) Hear me out though: this is one of the better low end purchases that I've ever made; I was able to do quite a bit of reading before I went on my hunt for this product, so when I bought it and it performed just like many other patrons said it would, you guys know I felt compelled to come back and write about it!

Collective Beauty: Maybelline Express Finish Nail Lacquers.

Maybelline Express Wear Nail Lacquer, Denim Dash

Maybelline Express Wear Nail Lacquer, Onyx Rush
Maybelline Express Wear Nail Lacquer, Grape Times
The Maybelline Express Finish line of nail lacquers are, without a doubt, in a league of their own when it comes to color and durability.

You asked, we Delivered: An Official Contact page!

Yep, we've officially added a contact page with updated information so that you can voice your questions or concerns. The link can be found in our navigation banner at the top of the screen or by clicking of the cloud above! If you're looking to drop us a hot tip on a sale alert or some inconsistent information contained on our database, we'd prefer that you use our email. All others may use twitter, tumblr, google+, or facebook to get in touch with us.
Happy Reading!

Nicka K. Cosmetics.

Nicka K. Cosmetics Logo
      While I was rummaging through my makeup pouch yesterday, I happened across a lipstick that I'd bough some time ago (ssh it was less than a year but more than two months, not long enough that it should be in the trash or anything). Although I was in love with the color and the moisture factor is amazing (seriously it's a five star worthy lipstick, lives up to my criteria for a great lip colorant), I still find myself wondering where this product came from. I mean, it was only a dollar and the performance this product gave was beyond wonderful! Well, It's by Nicka K. Cosmetics, and until now, I knew nothing about the brand.

White Eyeliner for the Beauty Guru's Soul.

      Now and again, the million dollar question wavers between being a question of the existential depth of the human soul... and the ethical use of white eyeliner in a daily cosmetic ensemble. (Thanks to the handful of you that hung on through that train wreck of a joke). But really, there is a lot of confusion encompassing this simple little product; from 'What's the point of a white eyeliner' to 'how do I know if I'm using it right' to the dreaded 'is this look not good for me', white eyeliner has been given a bit of a bad rap over the past few years. It could just be the beginner's blues, we aren't quite sure, but we're going to deposit our two cents on the issue here, hopefully in a way that helps alleviate the anxieties that we experience when someone mentions 'white' and 'eyeliner' in a sentence within close proximity of each other.

NuPore Skin Firming Collagen Essence Masks!

Courtesy of retailer

      While I was out this past week, I was able to pick a pack of these masks up at the store. They come in a two pack box and the instructions are pretty self explanatory, well if you find yourself using a lot of masks that is. I've recently started getting into the habit of doing a facial treatment mid-week with these; a woman at a skin care specialty store recommended doing this at least twice a week, but who's paying for that??? I'm just kidding, these were dirt cheap and the results are phenomenal! Let's take a look:

Tarte Cheek Tint in Full Blossom.

      So this was just in my wishlist in a different shade, but it's on sale at ACW for 6.99USD. They usually have low prices on every thing but I guess they're having a clearance sale right now, so there's a limited supply of these. If you want one of these babies then swing by their site to pick it up! It's MSRP is 30.00 for one ounce of tint; that's a savings of almost 77 percent! I provided a link within this entry and at the bottom of this page in my shopping services modules.

Revlon Colorstay lip Butter in Maple Sugar.

courtesy of MUA

my own lip butter. Yay a good product shot! ;;

      I've heard a lot of good things about this line of lipstick, especially from fellow beauty blogs. The Revlon Colorstay Lip Butters come in 20 sheer shades and has the benefits of both a lipstick and a moisturizer. My personal favorites for this line have been Maple sugar and Buttered Rum; they're both so flattering for my natural skin tone! The reason that it's so smooth and 'buttery' is because it has a specially formulated mango, shea and coconut butter formula. It keeps your lips moisturized for hours without the need of an additional balm to recover lost moisture to the skin.

Update: We've come to a Cohesive Decision...

Not to review several unrelated products in one post. It makes the entries to long and we don't have them undercut on our index page as it is. If you prefer separate reviews, that's great; We are quite happy to cut it into many small useful pieces for you. If not, we are sorry for any inconvenience we've accosted you at this time.

Collective Beauty: Taking a Look into our Weekly Wishlist.

Elizabeth ArdenRed Door Color Set, $37.50
Rebecca Minkoff Stitched Virginia 15 Inch, Black, $94.60

E.L.F. Essential 3-Piece Liquid Eyeliner Set

E.L.F. Essential 3-Piece Liquid Eyeliner Set
      Well, it's officially been a year since I've started using e.l.f. products. When I first caught wind of this brand, I was a bit skeptical, admittedly because of the rave reviews that I'd heard from family and friends about their products (and mostly because they are so inexpensive..)