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E.L.F. Essential 3-Piece Liquid Eyeliner Set

E.L.F. Essential 3-Piece Liquid Eyeliner Set
      Well, it's officially been a year since I've started using e.l.f. products. When I first caught wind of this brand, I was a bit skeptical, admittedly because of the rave reviews that I'd heard from family and friends about their products (and mostly because they are so inexpensive..)

       My history with cosmetics that can be found in drugstores is both extensive and turbulent; I've had the best time with nail lacquers, lipsticks, stains, and eye shadows. As for everything else, well.. let's just say it's been one big learning experience. For eyeliners and mascaras, this is especially true. I constantly have trouble finding a liner or mascara that I love (these days I just ship from EU, like this prized piece; shipped it from the UK a few days ago. I really couldn't resist buying it, it's that good!)
     Lately however, I'm finding that I don't need to ship from overseas if I just do a little research on what products are good dupes for the 'unreachables' or dreaded 'discontinued's'. For example, I mentioned before that I cant seem to find a good dupe for Sana's Extra Heavy Black Lid Liner. It's 17.00USD not including tax on Amazon (I'm a Prime member. Yes, I hate shipping that much) but there's no prime offers for this item! Luckily though, there is a dupe for this item.. Tada~ it's the three piece liner set from none other than E.L.F. cosmetics! The product is available as a set of three colors for just 3.00USD (+ shipping if you happened to buy it from the company website). There are two sets for a total of six color options with this item! I have no experience to speak of with the new colors, pictured below, so I'll just be speaking subjectively about the first set of black, silver, and deep plum liners(it's listed as a brown in the website, but it's not brown at all, it's literally plum colored):
E.L.F. Essential 3-Piece Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Copper, and Stardust.
        Basically, this is what the packaging looks like. It's squiggly and cute, and hard to get into if you don't realize that it's tapes shut..
       The colors of both the black and newly renamed plum shade are very true-color static. They dry looking still wet and that's kind of perfect for when I wear eyeshadow; makes my eyes pop (which is a good thing because my wearing shadows tends to make my eyes look smaller.. and eyeliner tends to nullify that quite nicely).  As for the silver.. You may want to apply this one several times, as it's not easy to get it to go on properly, and it's a bit streaky.
      The applicator is a stiff, felty, fine-pointed brush. Because the tip is extended so far down into the pot though, you need to be careful the clean of the excess before applying your liner because unless you're a particularly fast worker, you're gonna have a that excess product running down the applicator and potentially ruining your line (or getting on your fingertips).
       This liner last through it all, rubbing, flaking, sweat, tears, sweat.. and dirt. It's so durable in fact, that if you make a mistake while drawing a line, you better have a damn good makeup remover and cotton ready, because 'lazy blotting' is not going to do any good in this case; this stuff is really, really durable. Soap and water aren't going to help either, so avoid trying this if you're trying to take your makeup off! Use makeup remover first, this stuff stings when it gets into your eyes. Also, It does not make ultra-thin lines..
       There is a really weak scent that can most accurately be described as reminiscent of India ink. But you'll barely notice it if you don't have an acute sense of smell. Others have said that it has an alcoholic smell, but, I haven't noticed at all honestly.
       It's 3.00USD.. For three liners. Your choice; I mean it's a very good product for the price, but it does have its setbacks.
 4/5 stars hands down. It went wrong at no ultra-thin lines, the sting of it getting in your eye, the silver liner isn't that great, and its applicator sabotaging the application. But the price is ridiculous(ly awesome). Sometimes I wonder if I should voice every con of a product because it ultimately knocks a product's score down, but then I remember that I made it my job not to lie about it even by omission so nevermind.

   The media used it this entry is directly from the E.L.F. website, and if you click on the first photo it will take you to the product page (should you decide to purchase this product after having read my review, haha). I really want to try copper and stardust now, not going to lie. And can I get a nail lacquer in those color too though?? I bet I can; nicole and essie have some shades that are similar, as far as I know. This concludes our coverage of e.l.f. for the day, happy hunting ladies!
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