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Revlon Colorstay lip Butter in Maple Sugar.

courtesy of MUA

my own lip butter. Yay a good product shot! ;;

      I've heard a lot of good things about this line of lipstick, especially from fellow beauty blogs. The Revlon Colorstay Lip Butters come in 20 sheer shades and has the benefits of both a lipstick and a moisturizer. My personal favorites for this line have been Maple sugar and Buttered Rum; they're both so flattering for my natural skin tone! The reason that it's so smooth and 'buttery' is because it has a specially formulated mango, shea and coconut butter formula. It keeps your lips moisturized for hours without the need of an additional balm to recover lost moisture to the skin.

   The packaging is cute to say the least; It's simple and it doesn't get in the way of using the product. The one slip up is that the when it twists up out of the tube the lipstick slides around so that it may eventually end up facing backward in the tube.
   This lipstick is incredibly smooth; creamy is the term that best describes this product. It doesn't drag you skin during application. It's a lot more sheer than I expected it to be, but there's no need to worry that the color isn't true as this is a build-able coverage product (light-medium).
   The tube I got smells just like maple sugar Quaker oatmeal. It's not a smell that I necessarily enjoy, but it's not as heavily perfumed as some other lipsticks that Revlon carries. When I began to dislike the smell the point of reducing the frequency of my wearing the product, I just de-scented it using the method described by Louise at Get Lippie. Now it's perfect!
   Well, it lasts about three hours. Not very long considering the fact that this product is marketed as a multi-use lip balm and lip stick. The glossy (buttery, rather) finish becomes dull after the prescribed three hours and the moisture level diminishes noticeably; only the color remains. That's the best thing about this product; the color has great staying power; not only that, but it's also build-able color.
 I bought mine for 7.99USD. It can most likely be found for cheaper online (beware of shipping).
   It'll feather on the edges, so if you can find a pencil lip liner in a similar color, then do buy it! It's a good idea to avoid putting moisturizer on before using this product unless you have especially dry skin; your lips will get any overdone greasy look if you put too many other products on with this lipstick. Also, avoid getting product on the crease of your mouth; the buttery shine will not have a flattering effect the look of your lips so be careful!

   4/5 stars. This product was a bit of an experiment, wasn't it? I'm a big fan of Revlon's lip products, so I was very excited to try the Lip Butters. With a change in the case and some added sealants this could be a an even better lipstick. What did you think about Revlon's Lip Butter?
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