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Cloud Nine Kollektiv: Weeklky Beauty Blog Hop!


It's time for our weekly beauty blog hop! We had a hard time deciding who to include this time; we happened across so many good blogs. But! We can only choose five per week and that's what we're sticking with. Let's have a look at the nominees!
Beauty Broadast.
"Hi! I'm Emily Eddington, and I'm so glad you're checking out the Beauty Broadcast blog! Here you'll find new content beyond what you see on my YouTube channel. Posts pertain to makeup, hair, skincare, fashion... with some random fun thrown in! To get in touch, click the "Contact Me" button above! :)"
 Beauty Broadcast is run by Emily Eddington. She is a Broadcast news reporter and producer with alotta beauty on the brains! She's been on blogger since 2007 and is very open to contact (which we like, beauty blogs without feedback would not be beauty blogs..) Her blog doesn't contain one hundred percent beauty-related content, and that's not a bad thing! It's engaging and helpful both ways and we're absolutely smitten with it. Looks like the most recent post is "Lori Greiner Makeup Bag Giveaway!" and our favorite post is "Pumpkin Cupcakes Using 2 Ingredients! :)". When you visit her page (yes, we know you will), do yourself a big huge favor and stop in on the about page..
 (IN)Decorous Taste.
"Eccentric, excessive, opulent, aggressive.  
Authored by a 20-something with a more-is-more philosophy and a penchant for Bennison, bikers, lavish old interiors, rock crystal and rock stars.  What is good taste anyway? 
Two parts documentation of the artistic process, one part images that interest.
Always put "something mad on top of something very good, or something very good on top of something mad." - Geoffrey Bennison
All images (and nearly everything contained within- painting, furnishing, etc) unless otherwise noted, are styled, photographed and edited by (IN)DECOROUS TASTE.
(IN)DECOROUS TASTE interviews and features can be found at: Little Augury , Maison Chaplin, Corridor 40, and Kingdom of Style.
Artistic brilliance and design savvy at it best, to be quite frank. We are raving fans of this design blog and we've been following it since inception. It's a perfect mix of everything decadent, presently an unparalleled level of visual harmony while representing the antique in a contemporary and compelling manner. The most recent post is "REDUX", but hell, you're missing out if you don't have yourself a nice long sit-through in the archives..
Beauty Riot.
"Hi There! Thanks for checking out my blog & my about me page :) I'm quite new to blogging on here but i enjoy writing & reviewing products so hopefully others will enjoy reading my blog! I'd like to make friends on here so feel free to Follow me or leave me a comment :) About Me!I'm a qualified Beauty Therapist (NVQ Levels 2 & 3) I have done a year BTECH course in Art and Design and passed it! Im currently doing a hairdressing course and i'm really enjoying it :) I have applied for a make up course, so fingers crossed i get accepted! I have shoulder length brown hair, which is so thick and naturally wavy. I have a natural tan and i can't sing! haha. I live with my Dad & my Boyfriend and i Love watching Eastenders! (UK TV Soap) I'm Girly & i love it <3 I really love Makeup, handbags, shopping, fashion, hair, jewellery, shoes, music, false eyelashes, clubbing, family, boyfriend, my chihuahuas & my friends!
About me & my Makeup
I'd say that my skin is quite sensitive, i have an olive skin tone (I'd say I'm a yellow under-tone) and i have combination skin :)
I always where my false eyelashes when i go out, when I'm 'chilling' at home i don't where makeup but its a must if I'm more than a 10 minute walk from my house!
      We love this sweet girl and her wonderful beauty blog! She is singing the truth about  the ins and outs of everyday beauty and we're into it. She also does quite a few product reviews and always provides swatches for the products she has on hand! What a treat~ Her most recent entry is "Garnier Summer Body Review", and our favorite so far is "MAC Treats!"('cause we're suckers for MAC Shadow singles). Stop in and show some love, she's doing a great job with this blog and we want her to keep on!
Third World Fashionnista.
"My name is Fabi Pina. I was born and raised in a place where fashion is mostly about matching, but that's exactly what inspires me. Where? Honduras, right in the middle of Central America. I like patterns that don't match and wear faux fur during the summer. My neighbors don't get it but that's okay."
Admin A has been reading this blog for quite a long time; even before it was started all over again. This blog contains useful diy style tips and a lot of regular, day-in-the-life blogging. It's very interesting to read, and very addictive for its independent temperament. The most recent entry is "DIY: Pumped Up Kicks", but our favorite is "TWF Part 1".
Alexa Persico Cosmetics.
 The AP Beauty blog is a document of the successful manifestation of a teenage girl's dream: to launch her own cosmetics line. We've been tracking her products for awhile (hoping to try them ourselves one day), and we were fortunate enough to happen across the blog! There are shot of the products offered in the line as well as swatches (and some nice photos from the launch party). The blog is not updated so much these days, but you can follow Alexamakeup on twitter or visit the official brand site at!

That concludes our second weekly beauty blog hop! We'll be releasing a form for those who want to submit their blogs for inclusion tonight, so watch for our ready, okay? Thanks again for tuning in!