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Cloud Nine Kollektiv: Weeky Beauty Blog Hop!


It's time for the first in a long and fruitful series of blog hops for the kollektiv. We've been anxiously waiting for Friday to come so that we could get this segment underway, so here we go! But, before we get started, we'd like to make  a few things more clear:
  • Anyone with a web page is welcome to apply for inclusion in this hop. You need to send us an email @ with the the following information enclosed:
  1. Name:
  2. Site:
  3. Title:
  4. Category: (supposed to be beauty blog exclusive, but we may lift this stipulation later on)
  5. Preferred method of contact: (only if it will not be the address used to submit your application)
  6. Google+ enabled: (Yes or no, state which.)  
  • After you apply we will review your site based upon its content and age; we like to give recognition to younger blogs with nice content but we want to avoid linking to pages that are too full of unrelated information or rated materials.
  • If we want to include your page in the blog hop, we will email you back within three (3) business days.
  • You may apply from Friday through Wednesday of the following week; applications sent after 11:59:59 pm PST will be discarded or reconsidered for the next cycle of the blog hop. 
  • We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the hop, but you need to ask using our email. Thank You!
And now for the main event!

Beautiful You World. 
      Beautifulyouworld dot com is a beauty blog run by Karina and as far as we can tell it's a smashing blog. We especially love the responsive pace of her page, and navigation is a breeze. Her most recent post was an entry about an Unzipped Zipper Face Makeup Tutorial, and we absolutely love it! A perfect idea for a simple Halloween look that would create ripples throughout your block. We love this page, but it updates a bit infrequently; She's a very busy person and her content is top notch regardless, so swing by and give her a +1 or join her GFC, okay? (She's also got a youtube channel!)

Hikari Hajimari.
      First of all, the name of this blog is very cute and functional! I didn't think I'd remember any Japanese at this point in my life, so I'm pretty happy that I know what it even means. Hikari Hajimari is a beauty blog specializing in Japanese beauty products! A beacon in the dark world of Eastern makeup labels, many websites that host reviews for distinctly Orient-based cosmetics are not provided in coherently English dialogue. The most recent post was a review for Palty Hair Dye in Custard, complete with some very nice shots and guide for the product. Our favorite post is Sexy Spring Makeup Using Sigma Beauty's DARE Palette. There's a lot of very good posts on this sight about Japanese cosmetics, and some cute quirks that we've been wondering about for quite some time! Pay her blog a visit and you'll most likely fall in love with it as well!

 Lucky Citrine.
      Luckycitrine dot blogspot dot com is run by Helen Blas and she does a very good job of showing us where the goods are at that wont break the bank. I'm most poignantly interested in all of her swatches and sense of know how when it comes to what the readers want to see. Her most recent post was Kojiesan Pureganics Bath Range in Avocado. Our favorite post so far from reading her blog is Love Your Body Works: Butter up for the new You. We love the body shop but we noticed that they carry more products in other countries (or states in general; we don't know we're just super jelly). Swing by and leave her some positive feedback, any blogger would appreciate that!
Call of Beauty.
      "I'm Laura, I'm 20 and studying English and Creative Writing at University. Please don't ask me what I want to do when I graduate, as I have no idea whatsoever, and yes, that does make me feel slightly uneasy, but I'm sure everything will work itself out, right?
I started my blog in January (how cliche right?) 2012, and have enjoyed every second of it.
I came across the blogging and youtube community in November and knew I wanted to be a part of it. Since then my make-up collection has more than tripled, my bank balance has become non-existent, and I can safely say I am addicted, but couldn't be happier.
So, if you read, comment or follow my blog thank you, I'm having a blast and thanks for coming along for the ride. (Couldn't think of anything better, so cheesy driving metaphor it is!)

Laura xoxo "

      Self proclaimed beauty addict and we're absolutely in love with her blog. We arent' sure if her title was supposed to be a bit of a play on words or if it just happened that way, but either way we're enjoying every ounce of it. The page is easy to navigate and every general question about her blog can be answered via the landing page (assuming your visit is a direct visit). The design is simple and sweet, and draws the eye more toward content than anything else ( a plus since blogs really are all about content). Our Favorite feature is her about page and facial pictures, we don't run into many beauty blogs these days where their owners openly take their own pictures. It looks like her Most recent post was Nars the Multiple: South Beach. It's our favorite post as of right now, but we'll be continuing to read more of her posts in the future! You should swing by her page as well, especially if you love instagram as much as she does ;).

 Get Lippie.
"I'm not a makeup artist, and I'm not a makeup professional, I'm a normal woman who knows a lot about makeup after a lifetime of playing with it, reading about it, and buying a lot of it
I'm interested in the psychological aspects of makeup, how it affects the people who wear it, and why people use makeup in the way they do.
Get Lippie has been been the germ of an idea I've had for many years. I've been talking, reading and occasionally writing about makeup for a long time now, and to go alongside the makeup shopping trips I regularly arrange for friends, and friends of friends, I thought a blog would be a good idea. Here I'll be attempting to demystify the sometimes strange and wonderful world of beauty products.
I don't get paid for any work I produce on here - sponsored posts are not something I do regularly - and all opinions given are my own. I buy a great many of the products featured here, but I do accept samples to review, however it will always be made clear when products were provided by a third party. My opinion remains honest, regardless of where  the product came from.
Opinions, being malleable, may change over time, and as such, I reserve the right to change my mind about anything written here at any time.  I'm a woman, it's my perogative.

Get Lippie was one of the first blogs we added to our reading list when we started this page, and it's easy to see why: it's a very good blog and our praise of its content doesn't quite do it justice. Get lippie is an absolute go to blog for beauty product familiars looking to expand their frontier and knowledge base. Our favorite feature of this blog is that it's so easy to access and their evidence of guest writing! The most recent entry was Tom Ford Tainted Love Lip and Cheek Stain; our favorite post is How to De-Scent A Lipstick, Featuring Art Deco.This is a no-brainer choice for any blogroll, visit this blog for some very good tips about how to manage your beauty addiction.

      Well that about wraps up the first edition of our beauty blog hop! We'd love to include more new blogs next time, so if you've got a good tip off about an emerging beauty blog in your hot little hand, give it here~
Until next Friday,