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Nicka K. Cosmetics.

Nicka K. Cosmetics Logo
      While I was rummaging through my makeup pouch yesterday, I happened across a lipstick that I'd bough some time ago (ssh it was less than a year but more than two months, not long enough that it should be in the trash or anything). Although I was in love with the color and the moisture factor is amazing (seriously it's a five star worthy lipstick, lives up to my criteria for a great lip colorant), I still find myself wondering where this product came from. I mean, it was only a dollar and the performance this product gave was beyond wonderful! Well, It's by Nicka K. Cosmetics, and until now, I knew nothing about the brand.

      After a bit of research, I discovered that this brand has been around long enough, by modern standards of trade and marketing, to be globalized. Nicka K. Cosmetics has been a company for coming up on seventeen years, and like e.l.f. they pride themselves in offering products that are inexpensive but effective. Here's a blip about the company directly from the website:
"Nicka K. New York was founded in 1995, in the heart of New York City. Our reputation as a reliable provider has been built by providing the highest quality make-up with the most affordable prices to our customers.

Nicka K. New York’s inspiration began with a simple idea that make-up should be an essential part of a woman’s everyday life. Our desire is to create make-up lines that are affordable, and to prove that “good” make-up does not necessarily have to be expensive.
We value our commitment to satisfy every customer’s need as much as possible. We are in the lead in providing consistent customer service throughout the years and we consider it our number one priority. Nicka K. New York proudly presents make-up that is versatile with a variety of colors to choose from. Our continuous effort is guaranteed in order to enhance the quality of our products.

From the very beginning, our company has been growing steadily for over a decade, even in the midst of heavy competition. Today we are one of the leading companies in the market, providing reliable services and products not only nationwide, to over 5,000 independently owned retail stores and numerous mass-market chains, but also worldwide, to multiple international vendors and overseas franchises.
Nicka K. New York is well known as one of the major exporters to the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Singapore, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, we are pursuing and proceeding to expand business relations with major pharmaceutical and other chain stores in the United States, hoping to fully satisfy our valued customers’ needs."
      Aside from their great color range, NKC has broadened its range to include a full service cosmetic products that can and will work for every skin tone and type. Don't think so? Let's have a look at some swatches:
Green and Orange Shade, Nicka K Cosmetics

Nicka K. HD SIngle HD Eyeshadows

Nicka K. Papparazzi Palette Swatches

      As you can see, the collection of swatches is inclusive mostly of their eye and lip liners, shadow single and palettes, and lipsticks. Not all of them are pictured above, as the color range has expanded in just ten months time, and there are not very many foundation swatches. For these items, it would be easier to refer to a video; Nicka K. has a vimeo page, swing by and have a look.
      Now for my favorite part: as if I wasn't already convinced that I need all the lipstick and shadows, they have expanded to include a skin and hair care line! I'm really adamant about trying some of their masks (I'll review when I can get my hands on some!) but I'm really, truly fixated on one item that caught my eye, more so than all the other products that NKC carries..

      I don't need them per se, but I do want to try them. I've just never seen this and it seems like something that would be very good if you try it at least once! I've heard of everything from balms and peels for heel cracking, but not once have I ever heard mention of a heel patch for cracked heels (author's note: this is probably because I focus on facial skincare products and I have no need for these, yet..) Well, that's all for this product 411; We'll expand in the future to include reviews, and demos! Happy Shopping!