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What's BB Cream? 03

      In our last two installments of "What's BB Cream," we covered what this product is actually supposed to do and gave our pseudo review on it. Well, If you're in the market to try a BB but don't know how to approach a BB cream, we're here to help:

Choosing a BB cream that suits your skin.
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      As if it seemed easy in the first place, you've got to be really careful when choosing a bb cream. The reason we say this is because all the bb creams on the market offer an array of different things for your skin like color correctors that are built in and moisturizers or oil control balms that can exacerbate any pre-existing conditions that you have. For instance, both Hanskin and Laneige carry bb creams that have pinkish or pale golden undertones, so they may 'correct' or 'enhance' the wrong areas for someone who is considered an NW tone. Additionally, bb creams like Baviphat and Missha tend to diffuse shininess in skin and they may dry your skin out if you have already dry skin, among other things. Oh anyway, be careful to look these things up! You don't want to end up buying a product based off of it's good reviews only to find that it is too light/dark/thick/watery for application or that it doesn't match your skin at all because it contributes to the wrong colors. There are a lot of blogs on blogger dedicated to this like hope in  a blog and BB Cream Queen.
How to apply a BB Cream.

How one should go about applying a BB cream is entirely dependent upon its form:
  • Cream
 The kind that comes in a jar. These BBs tend to be thicker and provide medium to full coverage. These types of BB's usually bode a bit of a more expensive tag in comparison to other types; despite that, they can be the less attractive option due to their lack of attention to principles of hygiene.
  • Liquid (most common despite the pseudonym 'cream' being used).
 Comes in a tube or vacuum pump. Highly hygienic and most preferred version of most cosmetic or skin care products for this reason. These bb creams can be as thick as their cream counterparts; they can also be more watery with light to medium coverage, and in some rare cases, full coverage is available. Using a foundation brush or sponge would be be best option, but if you have to use your fingers you should make sure that your hands are clean and blend from the top down.
  • Cake (also called pressed, or compact).
The cake BBs come in a compact with an applicator built in and generally are full or finishing (translucent) coverage, not too many fall in the in between area. The best way to work with this type of BB is to use a sponge or pad applicator and blend from the top down, inside out.

 Where to buy BB Cream.
There are a lot of places that sell BB creams for competitive pricing, so it's best to use your search operators (and well) to get the best deals. Our personal favorites are, mikanjan, bonanza, and tgi wholesale. You can also try pretty and cute or imomoko.
Remember! Never buy a BB cream without knowing what's in it that may potentially affect your skin (is it an oil free formula, is it thick, is it perfumed, does it have something in it t
hat I may potentially be allergic to? Always look at the ingredients before buying any makeup product!) ALSO, the BRTC Store is having a sale of 20%  off select products. Use the code BRTCGR20 at checkout, valid until the 26 of this month!