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Shop Love: Teaser 1/5.

"Your favorite spot to ruminate is a crackled, worn leather chair at your neighborhood cafe. You're headed there today, and as a last-minute thought, you button this pagoda-esque cardigan on with your indie tee, slim jeans, and ballet flats. Upon arriving, you're glad you decided to wear this charcoal sweater. Its diamond-textured knit, closed at top by three buttons, keeps you warm despite the slight draft today, and its stand-up collar and wide, cropped sleeves have you looking so sharp, the barista - who you've always had a crush on - comments on how nice you look!"
       Chances are, you already know where we're headed with a teaser like this: we're taking on a 'sweater weather is better weather' approach in favor of our weekly collective shop hop! We'll reveal the shop source at the end of each week (though many of you already know where our pieces came from), but reveal a clue daily, followed by a little blip about why each piece appropriately reflects our subject!
Why this Piece?
In favor of the official ushering in of Fall, I've been doing a major wardrobe haul in favor of sweaters and cute but functional outerwear. This piece in particular I chose for its construction and versatility; this cardigan is warm enough that you wouldn't have to layer up underneath it to keep toasty and a great prologue to an a-line or empire waisted dress with tent trimming, preferably one that hits at about mid thigh.
The Clue-In.
      Samples galore, the consumers are the judges of the merchant's product base, directly.