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Shop Love: Teaser 4/5.

"Whether you choose to smooth this rosy-hued cream rouge from Besame upon your cheeks or lips, this concentrated cream makeup will add a natural glow to your gorgeous complexion. This weightless cream comes in a ruby-red tin adorned with a vintage-inspired floral design, which is perfect for tucking into the pocket of your vintage-inspired purse or the pocket of your dress. Apply a dab of this timeless rouge, and slip on your favorite fit-and-flare dress, and you’ll be ready for any fabulous event the day may bring your way."
       I'm a glutton for a good cheek tint so when I saw this I just had to share it. I'm mostly a fan of rouge and deep plum tints, but with time I think I can become more open to using other bold colors like deep oranges.. This particular tint is about 21.00USD, but I've hear that it lasts too long to make a fuss about the price. I'll be the judge of that! And while this beauty venture is underway, keep your eyes peeled for the final installment of this week's 'Shop Love' segment! You won't believe all the goodies this store has on hand~