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Shop Love: The Unveiling (Teaser 5/5).


But you knew that Already, right? Our previous teasers were a bit of a dead giveaway, in our opinion: not very many shops have such vibrant descriptions tacked on every product that they carry.

Why we Love Them.
      We really could go on and on in regards to our undying love of Modcloth dot com. Really. It's got a very user-friendly interface and a never ending cascade of products to browse from apparel to appliances. We find that we spend the most time in the dress and skirt categories, their too much to see and too little time to do it it (we've got a prior obligation to continue running this page, which we also love..) They have a size chart on hand and notifications are available in the event that a product is sold out (and that's happens often, especially with dresses!) The best feature of all is their referral program: get 20.00USD for inviting friends, and they get 20.00 off their first purchase. This is a great way to pull in more prospective customers and we're liking the benefits on both sides. The second best feature about this shop is its returns and exchanges policy, and they give free ship to orders over 50.00USD (which, how can you go into this store and not spend at least fifty bucks easy?) The last features we're going to mention is the preview of their inventory: you (the buyer) can vote on which items you'd like to see in the store, and they've got a store BLOG. We follow them and we couldn't be happier with that fact :).

What is ModCloth?
"Founded by high school sweethearts – Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger – and built on a foundation of love for vintage and retro clothing, is an online clothing, accessories, and decor retailer that aims to provide a fun, engaging shopping atmosphere for you, our customer. In just a few years, we've grown from our humble beginnings in a college dorm room to 'America's Fastest-Growing Retailer.' Our mission is to democratize the fashion industry and empower you with ample opportunities to have your voice heard. That's what keeps our company fresh, relevant, and growing by leaps and bounds! We invite you to comb through our clever product descriptions, flip through our stylebooks, shop our vast assortment of indie designs, find some unique one-of-a-kinds, and get in touch with one of our friendly customer care representatives if you have any questions. We currently feature over 700 independent designers on our site and work with many more. We want to fundamentally change and democratize the fashion industry by creating a vibrant, social marketplace that empowers indie designers, suppliers, and our community. Our founder, Susan Gregg Koger, knows what it's like to start a small business and follow your dream – and we want to help make that happen for talented up-and-coming designers and suppliers across the United States and the world! This means supporting originality. Our designers and suppliers guarantee that they have full legal ownership and copyright to their designs. When items are accused of being direct knockoffs, we investigate the allegation and remove the item from our site if we determine there has been a breach in contract."

       They are very busy, aren't they?? Well we already show cased our favorite items and we hope that if you haven't already done so, you'll have a look at their wares, because running a shop like this takes some persistence and talent! That concludes this week's 'Shop Love' series. Be sure to tune in next Monday evening for our next edition!