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True Blues: Five Blue-Hued Cosmetics to die For.

L'oreal HIP Studio Secrets Shadow Duo, Showy 224

NYX Eyeshadow Single, Atlantic

Milani Baked Shadow Single, Blue My Mind

Lancome Color Design Shadow Single, Garment

Nars Single Shadow, China Blue

       I'm a big fan of non conventional shadow colors! I don't mean to come off as the 'am I the only one who' type, it just happens naturally; I'm really into the color blue as an accent color for my fall ensembles. I indulge in a dash of this hue when I wear coordinates of black and grey, or nude to browns. The colors come together quite nicely I've come to find, but limit my choices in lip color down to nude or nothing at all (remember ladies, red lips with blue shadow isn't illegal, but it should be).
      Since bright blue colors also tend to make my eyes look a bit small, I use liner with my shadow, but avoid the standard black when I'm trying a workable daytime look. Instead I go for creamy brown liners or soft brown-gold tone shadows. I use these products to redefine my played down eye shape and add a bit of a topper to my eyes. With these shadows (and for the China Blue, this will be especially true) you are probably not going to need a primer or white base. Gradients will be your friend as is expected with most shadow looks, but sharp lines help give unprecedented character to your coordinates. I'm all for a game of shadows when it comes to my makeup, but not when it comes to my under-eye area! I shy away from intense under-eye colors when I'm not having a good day because they tend to make the shadows of my eye double over in an unflattering way..
What shadow colors are you absolutely hooked on this for Fall?