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ELF 83 piece Studio Makeup Set!

We know we mentioned awhile back that E.l.f. was having a sale with this product as an add on, right? Well, we've owned our own for quite some time now and we think it's high time we put our two cents down for the purchase:

   Very basic stuff with elf. The studio palette comes in a box with the logo and some other miscellaneous (but related) media printed on the front. There should be an adhesive strip attacthed to the front of the palette; peel this off and move on to remove the covers in the inside. There will be a brush set in the bottom of the case. Take that out and open it carefully! The brushes aren't the best quality so I do suggest using another set if you've got one.
   The shadows:
      There are 64 different shadows to choose from and they are range from light to dark, shimmery to matte.. They are very soft and lightweight on the skin, don't crease over time, and it is very unlikely that they'll cause skin irritation. That being said, I must forewarn against dabbing your fingers, a cotton swab, or any particularly hard-bristled tool into them (or any product in the palette); they're extremely soft and you'll end up with an unwanted dent in your palette! For best results (especially if you plain to do a smoky eye with this set), use a primer (we recommend UD's eye primer potion) to help the shadows blend over the eye more easily and don't forget your smudging brush!

The Blush and Bronzers:
      The blush and bronzers will work well for you no matter your skin tone; there's really something in the case for everyone! (I'm nc45 and all the colors in the palette work fine for me~) They are a bit shimmery, and very heavily pigmented. Be careful not to get too much at one time, or you'll have a hard time blending it and it may get stuck in your brush!
The Lip Lacquers:
      The Lip lacquers are sheer with build-able color. You may need a bit more than would normally be necessary to get a good, vivid color, but you may want to use a light base or even a primer before applying these glosses. They're shiny, but they don't have a sticky feeling to them and they're perfect over lip balms (excluding those like Burt's Bees).

  They have the 'typical makeup' smell. They're slightly talc- smelling, but nothing more than that.
   This is a very, very pleasing investment. The color of any of the trays here will last up to 14 hours without the aid of a primer. They don't fade and they don't transfer, so don't fret if you forget that you've got makeup on and you rub your face! The pigmentation of each product is also very strong; you'll have to use a smudging brush if you want to blend colors as the transfer rate for the shadow after you've applied it to your skin is very low without a primer.. Lip gloss moisture will wear down with time but the color will remain. Applying a balm won't hurt anything, as we're happy to report~
 I bought it for half off MSRP, a year ago. It's about thirty-five dollars now, but it's worth it; and hey, black Friday's around the corner, maybe E.l.f. will be having another big sale...
   Pull out all the stops: get creative and have fun with this palette! There are so many good looks that can be created with this palette, but you have to keep an open mind~ Also, if you find that a color is not applying vividly, dab the tip of your eyeshadow brush (assuming you're using a standard-issue, flat headed eyeshadow brush), into a small quantity of water before swatching your shadows. This will help the adhere to the skin more easily and prevent shadow from getting trapped in the brush (it will aslo magnify the color!)

   4/5 stars. If you're going to offer a brush set with an item like this, you gotta make them worth having! We're hoping to get our hot little hands on some hd blush and other tools that elf offers, but for now, we're pretty satisfied with their 83 piece!
The Rewrite.
Since we have this lovely little 83 piece and we've got this lovely little blog, we're gonna try to do some FOTD shots on Sundays!
Just in case you're not familiar with the term FOTD, it's just an acronym for 'Face of the Day'. Our resident admin in charge of written content will be volunteering her face as our canvass for a weekly Sunday demo! We may even add these entries as videos to our youtube channel, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Wondering why the pictures are numbered? We're not good at color theory, so we'll just do color by number for now; it makes things easier for us when we film, and the people who want to follow along at home!
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