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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24-H foundation in 460 Suede!

      This is without a doubt, my mother's makeup. Not a bad thing, just I'm not usually very preferential when it comes to foundation because of the highly selective nature of my skin; Usually I scour the internet for detailed reviews before I let a new foundation touch my skin. My poor mother has had a worse journey through skin care than I have and even dermatologist recommended items have served her skin poorly. I was surprised that she even wanted to try this one because of some of the things listed in it, but nonetheless she bought both mine and one for herself. I've been very sparing in using it because it's been such a wonderful experience, but I realized something: come Spring, this isn't going to match my skin anymore and I'll really have to toss it come next December (when my skin will be back to a relatively similar coloring), so it's probably a good idea to use and review it in the meantime!

   The packaging scares me. This is why: it's a glass vile inside a silver foiled, slender paper-cartridge. Do not drop it; there's nothing to buffer impact in this cartridge and very little thought was left to the ease of use of the vial itself. It will break. One thing that I did like about the container is that the vile is frosted; nothing the serves (or speaks to) the functionality of the body, just a nice, subtle touch of design. As for the dispenser, it's a vacuum pump.
   This is one of the nicest foundations that I've ever used. Not only does it just blend right into my skin, but it feels weightless even hours after applying it and gives my a dewy (but ever so subtle) glow. Nowadays that feat has been near impossible for any foundation/bb/tinted moisturizer to accomplish without crossing the border into greasy-halo country. In terms of coverage, it covers dis-coloration quite well and with the proper technique can lessen the appearance of minor acne.
   There isn't one. I'm so pleasantly surprised every time I use this, it has no smell. That's wonderful, and it's wonderful because I have a really pointed sense of smell and too much perfume in my makeup can cause me to develop a migraine.
   It will last for twenty four hours without fading if  you leave it on that long; I have. I didn't even use setting spray when I did, just a foundation powder and nothing else. When I do use it with setting spray I notice that it makes my skin look even smoother and gives me a very nice finish even in flash photos.
  It's somewhere in the mid-forties price wise; about 44.00 if you choose to buy from lancome (which since it's worth mentioning, is having a 20% off promotion; buy anything and get 20% off with the promo code HEARTS. Free ship with orders 49.00USD+. that means buying one of these foundations would be about 35.00 before S+H; don't forget that they do free samples with your order when you become a member or if you subscribe to a certain product).
   If you have oily skin do not forget to set with a light powder and very, very fluffy brush. This foundation is meant to give a dewy finish but can overdo it  depending upon the reaction your skin exhibits after first exposure. Always use clean brushes, and clean your pump frequently!

   5/5 stars. Though I've never mentioned how I've had a hard time finding a replacement for the discontinued Smashbox foundation, I really hadn't until now; I'm completely in love with this foundation for Winter (Nars is my Summer love; matte finish New Orleans for the hot season ahead!) Maybe I'll do a Face shot with it on for Sundays segments, but not before we get the verdict on E.l.f.'s line of tinted moisturizers (that's this Sunday, don't miss it!)