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Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Amethyst Smoke!

      It's been awhile since the last time I wrote a review so let's break the dry spell! In the months leading up to my graduation from secondary school I acquired a love for lipstick. I ardently opposed using it during school for obvious reasons, but nearing the ending of that time in my life, I began to have what others would describe as a 'YOLO' moment. In that moment I happened upon a particularly huge sale at my local cvs; they we're having a huge sell-off of all their Revlon products and lipsticks were two for three dollars. There weren't many colors left when I got there, but they did have amethyst smoke, shade 450, a full inventory of it.. I still to this day can't understand why that product was left over from the sale; it's such a good color and consistency that I find myself using it more often than I would a balm or stain. Here's to my take on the lip color:

   Well I'm going to come right out and say that I'm a fan of the tube color and that's due in part to my avid love for the color green. The gold elevator of the tube is slightly gaudy in my opinion, but it gets the job done and that's good enough for me. When I first bought this lipstick, there was a plastic wrapper and sticker on it; they were reasonably easy to remove. Don't throw away that drug facts sticker, you're going to need it if you decide to recommend this lipstick to a green-only friend! (which I did, absent-mindedly might I add.. So keep it!)
       I don't even think there should be a question as to whether or not a Revlon lipstick is smooth-on anymore.. They've all got that smooth, almost satin-y application (that I will now refer to a 'The Revlon Smoothe'). This one is especially rich, both in color and spread. I usually apply it with my finger so that I'll have more control of the spread of my lip color (that way I don't end up having too much color in one place and not enough in another). The one inconvenience, dare I say it, is that this lipstick will feather (especially if you've very flat lip assets), so it's best to use a lip liner in a similar color.
I don't really like the scent of this product. It smells like baby powder, magnified to two times the strength. I tried descenting it over three day period and the smell was still very strong. It does not fade over time, so there's no hope of being free of the stench unless you just avoid wearing the lipstick at all!
      Very impressive staying power! I usually apply it only twice a day; It keeps my moisture locked in and traps the color to my lips. Even when I feel that it may have noticeably faded, I find that it's still perfectly intact. I have fifteen hour days, so this lipstick is one of my go-to's if I find that I have a hankering for some serious lip color!
Like I've stated before, I bought them on sale, two for like three dollars. The asking price is regularly.. Well, I'm not entirely sure of that. It would seem that it's discontinued, so the best option is to look on either ACW or amazon. Sorry!

Edit: It would appear that just amethyst smoke is discontinued, and the rest are readily available.. Ten shades to choose from other than the aformentioned! What a relief~
  5 /5 stars. Regardless of my obvious disdain with the smell, I live day to day applying this item at the very most, two times. That's pretty damn good for a lipstick that I only paid about one dollar and fifty cents. It really is a shame that this shade is discontinued (if it's really true); I might be in the market for a replacement soon, so I guess I'll be checking ACW and amazon religiously (a joke). If you have anything you want to tack onto this review about a similar experience with a certain product, don't be shy; we love to compare experiences, right?