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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Certainly Red!

Certainly Red (540).
     This lipstick I actually stole from my mother.. It's the perfect shade for my skin and I often find that it ties any evening ensemble together effortlessly (then again, I am a member of the chic boutique when it comes to black tie affairs). I have a hard time finding shade of red that aren't too outrageous in my book, for my skin tone, so I have been quite pleased to happen across this lipstick in the midst of my red-lippie debacle.

   It comes with a plastic retainer wrapped around the tube and a drug facts sticker attached to the bottom; standard-issue wrapping to say the very least.
   Well, this lipstick if very, very thick, and creamy. You'll know if you put too much on, this one is not a very build-able cover as I've discovered, but it's perfect if you want a lip color whose pigmentation stays put on your lips through it all. I can eat, drink, smile and laugh all I want, this lipsticks going to lighten up through all of that, but the color will remain.
       This lipstick doesn't have a smell, I was pleasantly surprised by that discovery. Most lipsticks smell talc-y or like chocolate syrup and fruit, so I'm relieved to say that this lipstick is not among the others in terms of its scent (or lack thereof).

   As I've said before, this lipstick will stay through most of the daily goings-on, but you will need to touch it up; that's not a big deal considering that is is after all, a lipstick and not a stain.
  Let's see, my mother recalls paying about 6.00USD for hers, but I've been out shopping very recently and I can safely say that this lipstick can be found for as low as 4.50.
To intensify this lip color, use a lip liner that is 1-2 shades darker than the lipstick itself and line your lips before applying the lipstick. This will not only stop you lip color from feathering, but also add dimension to your lips. To take it a step further you can use a sheer, shimmery gold, orange, bright pink, or beige color shadow and stamp it in the center of your mouth using your index finger; this will give your lips a pouty look, try it out!
   5/5 stars. This will be a lip color to share for a future experiment. It's a very nice shade of red from the low-end level, and I'm happy with it! If you know of any dupes or just want to share some feedback about your experience with this lipstick, leave a comment in the pop out box below~