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Cloud Nine Kollektiv: Weekly Blog Hop!


It's time for the next of our weekly beauty blog hops; we're sticking with the pseudo-roster style throught February of next year as a heads up. We've included each of these domains because we  love their content (and they've mentioned some products that we're keen on obtaining in the next couple of weeks!)
Adna Cosmetic
Makeup For Life
Weekend Ramblings
Brandy Rich Makeup Artist Blog
Lovely CosmeBlog
Makeup by Kim Porter
Jing-ai Natural Beauty
       As usual, it's near impossible to include emerging beauty blogs without submission from our readers; we read over 100 beauty blogs already and that number expands daily, we want to hear from you! If you have, or know of any beauty blogs that are newer with good content but need an extra little push, submit them here, okay? This is the end of another blog hop, but you should be on the lookout for a newsletter in the next couple of days! Happy reading.