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Cloud Nine Kollektiv: Weekly Roundup!


It's time for the weekly roundup again! I've been a busy bee with all these blog hops and new favorite blogs. One thing I'm certain you'll notice is that I'm a sucker for swatches! I really do love swatches more than writing itself; it makes no sense. A swatch of a product is to me better than writing (and I am infamous I'm sure for my lack of swatches), but videos is better than both put together! Anyway, these are blogs that you can count on for swatches (and good content):
      This is one of my favorite primers! I am so glad to see other reviews of it. I like it because it has a peach color to it and I can use it to correct and prime my skin at once (instead of indulging in a stash of Koh Gen Do, which can be expensive for daily use!)
This is an obvi disco pant appreciation post. They just do the body good! If you've got the extra dough on hand (even after black Friday), then snatch a pair of these from American Apparel!

Loving this toner pictorial as an essential part of the beauty regimen! Cranberries are packed with vitamins that aid in overall wellness.

Review and Swatch: Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick in Coquette (424)-

 Treading the waters of the organic beauty world; good colors (not the standard reds in other words) are hard to find for an organic beauty line; I'm impressed with the colour that this line has to offer, and fishing for more colours/swatches in posts to come!
I love how shimmery this color turned out to be! Not a colour I would choose for myself, but it looks wonderful on the editor!

That's it for this week's round up! I hope you all enjoy these blogs as much as I do~