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CloudNineKollektiv: Weekly Blog Hop Roundup!

      We've been surfing the web all week and catching up on our own favorite blogs. Eighty-eight hours and several teacups later, we've pulled together a roster of our favorite reads from this past week to share with you! They come from beauty blogs and we thought that their content was so good that it couldn't hurt to share it a second (or third) time!:
Featuring some of our personal favorite fashion must haves.. We honestly couldn't agree more about the disco pants! We'll take a pair in every color, thank you.

D.J.V. Beautenizer - Fiberwig LX Masacara Review by Mimika

The concept of Fiber Mascara is very new to us.. We've virtually never heard of it until this point. While we were indulging in this review, we did swing by the US site! It is a bit on the pricey side, as Mimika points out, but if there's one thing I've learned with frequent mascara hit and miss trials, it's this: Expensive products aren't always best, affordable doesn't necessarily mean cheap, and if you can get if from Asia, do it (their are quite a few brands that offer invaluable products for much cheaper than their international predecessors).

Makeup Illusions Face Contouring, Sculpting & Priming by A BRIT GREEK

If you've ever questioned the art of contouring and just how powerful makeup is, then have a look at this entry by blogger a Brit Greek. It reveals some very interesting contouring techniques and explains, in some detail, the purpose of facial primers and color correcting tools. Our favorite part of this entire entry is that it provides examples a la Ms. Kim Kardashian; her makeup is undoubtedly flawless!

My everyday look and thoughts on face piercings by The Black Pearl Blog

 Featuring a natural finish for everyday makeup look by the author! The use colors in the shadow and on her lips is really beautiful, she did a very good job! We're also really liking the cheek color she's sporting in the picture (and considering adding basically everything to our next wishlist!)

How To Use a Clipless Curling Wand By E L L E S E E S

 We didn't what those crazy things were for! They looked like a half-assembled curling iron (as it happens, that is exactly what they are!) The next in a series of thoughts characterizes admin A's discontent at having clipped her hair back to shoulder length because she feels this method is better than a curler that clips your hair! (her loss). It's essentially a how to article so if you've bought on in any width and refrained from using do to a lack of know-how, now's the time to become invested~

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Review: 'Candy Apple'

We've been tracking reviews for this release of lip colours for quite some time now. We've only got one reveiw of it under our belts but we want to try other colors too. Candy apple and Cherry tarte are our next targets! Swatches includes, we are very happy to have found this blog!

Well that's it for this week's round up! A little note to our returning readers: we're replacing our Friday blog hop with this Weekly Roundup: Instead of taking place on Fridays at 7:30 PM PST, we'll be publishing this segment on Saturdays at 10:30AM PST. Happy Reading!