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Friday Blog Hop: Abridged Edition

Hey guys, we're so glad to have so many readers! Really, we appreciate all of you and we want to hear from you, we don't judge and we are open to discussion on google plus (and youtube, our channel will be launching soon~). Well it's a bit late now, but it's time for the weekly blog hop! We noticed that we had only been including nice blogs from this domain, so we included some from other places too! We won't be able to make this post very long because we're changing states in a few hours and we need to pack, but there will be links, and lots of them (no screen caps this time, sorry!) Let the hop begin!

Makeup Box.  (tumblr)
The Blog and the Beautiful. (wordpress)
Green Makeup. (wordpress)
Queen B Makeup. (blogger)
 Third World Profashional. (blogger)
Made with Makeup. (tumblr)
Mochafleur. (tumblr)
The Collegiate Nail. (blogger)
 The Cosmetic Crave. (blogger)
 Drugstore Princess. (tumblr)
Powderdoom. (tumblr)
When you click on a few of them, they'll lead to a post that we liked (we won't say which links, just hover over them if you wanna know, yeah?) We're probably going to continue with this format for the next few weeks so that we can include more blogs, in addtition to our other posts.. Hope you like these blogs as much as we do, don't forget to use our submission for if you have a beauty blog or related site that is super awesome!