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Shop Love: Final Teaser + the Big Reveal!


 "   These fancy floral tights are no mere shrinking violets. Pair with a simple LBD and you are suddenly a woman of mystery and intrigue. Femme fatale-ify your next evening out. One size only. Fabric content is 95% nylon, 5% spandex."

     I own a pair of these and I can honestly say that they're worth the investment: they're durable, sexy, and the perfect addition to a little black dress. I've had them for quite some time, thought I admit I've only worn them a handful of times..

And this week's shop is..

Fred Flare is a quirky curio shop full of items ranging from apparel and gadgets to home decoration. We've noticed that many of the items that are in this shop make cameos in outfit posts on tumblr. We don't know very much about the origins of Fredflare, but we do know this: They're having a couple sales right now and they've got a blog. So give them the once (or twice) over if you're in a funk and need a quirky, cute, and fun pick me up! We are a fan of the jewelry and novelty items (we've been eyeing their rotary phones and turntables for a hot minute!), but that hadn't drawn our attention away from their shoe collection... Here's to another week of shop love; which shop are you betting on for next week?