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Shop Love: Teaser (2/5)


"In every femme-fatale’s repertoire, you will find a double-take inducing curve hugging dress, crimson hued lipstick, and the most dangerous weapon of all, a pair of killer stiletto heels. Alone, this gorgeous Stiletto Platform Pump by Steve Madden is a force to be reckoned with. Six towering inches of heel do wonders to your physique, while the platform ensures all eyes are on you."
This is one of those pairs of shoes that you wear when your not in for the long haul.. The very same one all girls end up wearing for the long haul, of course! For most of us it's that pair of shoes that sits at the back of our closet because we're at a loss for an appropriate time to wear it; that, and wearing stilettos is an endurance sport to which we may not be all that familiar. For the more fearless fashionista, this heel is, and always will be, an item that is approached only with meaningful, premeditated purpose (and copious amounts  of aspirin). For us lower level divas, this most attractive feature will reel us in on our tushes (frequent stumbles lead to at least one fall in every girl's stiletto career): It just makes your legs look so damn good! It's a pair of shoes with a perfect, wear-me-with-anything color and with the right attitude about coordination, it can be the finishing touch to even the most elaborate looks. Well, for now we'll dream that we own these, but until we do, we're gonna bring this segment of shop love to a close..