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Shop Love: Teaser 3/5!

"Houndstooth pattern coat with a wavy front opening. Comes with a faux leather strap that can be tied to the front or back. Pockets on the side and has a satin lining inside."

      We're already dreaming up the perfect out of office coordinate for this coat.  If it sounds like we've got work on the brain, that's because we do! Absolutely swamped with it; and if there's one thing that goes over sour for us with a full schedule, it's going even one day with a bad coordinate.. Anyway! We recommend wearing this coat over are dark colored turtleneck and pleated, knee length skirt; stocking preferred but optional. Complete the look with a smart up-done ponytail and your favorite round-toed boots from Nine West! When the weather gets to it's height in terms of chill, the addition of a scarf draped once over and tucked into your coat completes the look, yet again. We're done puppy-gaurding this pretty preview; indulge to your heart's content fellow fashionistas!