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Shop Love: Teaser 4/5.

"Short trendy skirt with pleats by the waist for a billowy look. Zipper closure at the back."
Looks like they didn't have much to say about the skirt this time. That's alright, we've got 'em covered! First, and we think you all knew this one was coming:
That's right, they go with every season and their not a bad idea. Complete the look with a nice royal plum colored cashmere sweater pulled over a crisp button up, oxford toe booties optional and hair worn half up; natural finish makeup colors called for this look. Stick to nude and earth tones or, if you're feeling daring (and the timing in appropriate) opt for a brown smoky eye. If you wear earrings, here's an outfit that wouldn't be complete without them. That's it for teaser four, the end is nearly upon us! These segments go quicker than we realized~ Oh, and in case you were curious about that zipper closure: