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L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder, Classic Tan N7


      Aha! I've found a good mid-ground with L'oreal's true match series at long last. Even when there are over thirty-three different shades that are divided by tone (cool, neutral, warm), it can still be hard for the best of us to find our near-perfect match. Factors such as lighting, skin condition, skin reactivity, and even the time of day can all weigh it when it comes to picking out the best suited shade. AND, even after all of that, the placement of a skin tone swatch can become an act of self sabotage! L'oreal has seemingly taken all this into consideration, and created eight complimentary shades per undertone to cater to the fair and deep skin tones in every tonal bracket.

8-Panel Lipstick Lesson.

This is the first of many paneled tutorials to come! Just in case some of it is a bit unclear from pictures, here are some panel by panel tips to get you guys started: