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8-Panel Lipstick Lesson.

This is the first of many paneled tutorials to come! Just in case some of it is a bit unclear from pictures, here are some panel by panel tips to get you guys started:
  1. Start off with clean moisturized lips. A collagen lip mask or light moisturizer will do,  but try to avoid a balm that has to much wax in it.
  2.  (optional) If you want to define a cupid's bow for your self, or soften your lip line, apply concealer at your lip line.
  3. Apply lip liner in a shade very close to the color of your lipstick. I start from the outer corner of my lips and work inward with slightly perforated lines. If your lip liner tends to be more waxy, then avoid longer strokes and try to outline-then-perforate your line.
  4. Blend your lip liner inward; use a small lip brush but avoid using your fingers.
  5. Apply your lipstick, and do so in the same direction that the lip liner was applied. If it is being applied straight from the tube, be mindful of your own lip's natural shape and shading.
  6. Check the result and make sure that your lipstick is just on your lips, touch up where necessary.
  7. Blot your lips, but do not purse them; this accentuates unflattering lines in the lips. Press a dry, un-patterned kleenex or other tissue paper with low particle lift lightly against your open mouth.
  8. Enjoy!