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BA Star cosmetics [REVIEW + PICTORIAL]!


      If you've been in tune with the chatter around the blogosphere for the past month, then you know that BA Star is the phrase that's on a lot of lips, and in a few hands. Now, before I say anything else, I want to give a little background:
BA Star xoxo You! BA STAR is the #1 Performance Makeup!

20130403 LOTW: Fersen.

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      It's time to award another fashionista the look of the week, and in the spirit of the phrase 'wonderful Winter we're having this Spring,' we'd like to dish a little about this look: Fersen, by Cocette Munch. If you've been following her look book for awhile, then you're probably just as enamored with her look as we are! Her fiery red tresses are statement enough alone, but they add the 'it' factor to each piece in her portfolio! The hype button for this particular look can be found in the right hand pane, so show some appreciation and be sure to fan her page on! (she also has a blog, should you feel so inclined to subscribe to it as well!)

Montagne and Jeunesse Green tea & Ginger Peel-off Masque!

Montagne and Jeunesse Green tea & Ginger Peel-off Masque

       A couple of months back I received a free sample of Montagne and Jeunesse's skin care masks via influenster. This initial encounter sparked my interest in the other products that this company carries, one thing lead to another and now here I am, wrists deep in transparent yellow goo that promises to keep my skin feeling supple, conditioned, and problem free!