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Revlon Super Lusterous Lipstick in Va va Violet!

      Pat on the back to me, I've finally done it.. I've finally tried purple and I liked it! It's a very flattering color considering that the undertones both in my own skin and in this lip color are complimentary. If you've been plugged into our instagram, then you know that this review has been a week underway. Pleasantries aside, we should get right to it! I'm really excited to cover this lip color because it performed well beyond my expectations.

The Liebster Award.


      I am doing this now and I hope that Jennifer from +Golden Tresses, who nominated my blog in the first place knows how much I appreciate the nomination! I say that because the nomination took place months ago and I only just saw it (this is what becoming a no-reply blogger gets you; don't be me!). For anyone who still may not know what exactly a Liebster award is, it's a token of recognition that bloggers award to fellow bloggers who they think deserve more recognition. The terminology "Liebster" roughly translates to "Dearest" from German, and the guidlelines of this award are as follows: