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NEW Interactive map for Beauty & Fashion Bloggers!

Hey guys; first of all happy new year! I hope you've already accomplished some of your new year's resolutions, but with special consideration to the idea that we're setting goals in the first place; if not, that's good too, means we know ourselves well enough not to set up for failure. Anyway, in the past year a lot of great ideas and opportunities have landed in my inbox from a lovely evening at the Titanic exhibit in my area to co-hosting opportunities for other great channels! Now, I want to share with you another project that I'm working on and that I hope you'll be elated to jump in on:

Above is an interactive world map that I'm using to show where I'm from and I'm hoping to have a lot more beauty and fashion bloggers add their own pin to the board. You can include as much or as little information as you want, but it'd be nice if you all could include a picture and a link at the very minimum. It doesn't matter where you are from so as you include at least a zip, you'll be able to drop a pin. I have already included my own pin and a little snippet about my zine, would you guys like to join me? If so, the link to the map can be accessed here, or by clicking the image above. Thank you again for your support and let's make this year great!