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Shany Cosmetics Vibraint 120 color Palette Pictoral


   This is my favorite palette so far. It's Shany cosmetics 120 color vibrant palette, I bought it specifically for the row of reds when I was on my red kick. Actually, I haven't even touched the other half of the palette (pictured last, on the right). I like eyeshadow trays with an array of color that stay the matte course, but this is good because each pan is tone specific and the concentrated pigment shows up well on deeper tones of skin without the use of primer ( which I don't recommend). It was nineteen dollars via the wish app, regular retail varies. 

This is one of the looks I created with this palette; I'm working up the gumption to use the greens this summer with some copper shimmer. So far I like every color I've used, and I'm looking forward to exploring the other products That Shany has to offer, including the lipstick collections!