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Beauty and Fashion that clicks.

CloudNineKollektiv: Beauty and Fashion that clicks.

    Cloud Nine Kollektiv is a beauty blog about the products that inspire 'the looks' that inspire you. With two moderators and an open door to guest writers, our blog is dedicated primarily to beauty products; We cover an array of topics ranging from useful and topical skin care tips, to reviews of on the rise and critically acclaimed beauty products. Need the 411 on a product before you buy it? We've got you covered; everything from drugstore to luxury passes through our hands, so we're not leaving any room for guesswork when it comes to providing detailed specs for the products we try. Occasionally, we like to do a demo of the products or looks we liked the most, and those videos can be found on either our Youtube channel or Google+ page.
       Fashion and the exploration of personal style is our second frontier. We cover trending styles and construct workable everyday looks out of high fashion pieces, though we tend to work most often with jewelry. Sometimes, we bring back our old favorites from past seasons and put a fresh spin on it; how doesn't like to dig in their little hope trunk and reminisce on the styles that inspired them?
      Social Blogging and bookmarking are the third frontier of the services we provide. We believe that if our readers can be connected to other service that completely satisfy them, then we have done our jobs at the end of the day. We also hope to help our fellow bloggers build up their readership by writing guest articles and submitting there blog for recognition in our sidebar:

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We can be found on several social media sites and we may be contacted at our email here for inquiries regarding guest writing, photo or demonstration submissions, video suggestions or other recommended content, and other other inquiries in to our publication's services.
      Finally, sourcing and attribution are our fourth priority, but not our lowest. We write our content based of our 95 percent of our own insight, meaning that some content (inclusive of media like pictures, video, block quotations, recordings, and links) is not our sole property. In cases where we use content that is pulled from other publications, we will place priority on providing citations for such content in post, either at the end or in context. We do not plagiarize any of our written content and we expect that our guest writers and audiences take the utmost care not to do so themselves or plagiarize any of our content. Some of the reviews that we write are provided in exchange for other services but they do not reflect the voice of the company with whom we are contractually connected. If a product wasn't good, it we work stretch the truth; our readers deserve to know what actually works and what doesn't. However, we do not believe in down talking a product completely based solely upon our own experiences. In the event that we are not satisfied with a product, we will direct our readers to another publication that is worth evaluating as means of acquiring a second opinion.
Our moderators can be found on google+, if you have any questions about the people behind the page. We're glad to have you reading us, so don't be a stranger; add us to your circles for direct updates, or check us out on twitter in the 'C9K_Writers' list. 

"We run a blog that's about the styles, products, and demos that you're absolutely in love with; we are CloudNineKollektiv."
Happy reading.