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Disclosure Policy.

      As per requisite by the FTC, we must maintain transparency regarding the content posted on our website, which we have no qualms in doing. We personally try every product we own and we do not review products that we haven't used. We may talk about a product but we will not intentionally be deceitful about any product we review. Up to this point, our product reviews have been provided without compensation, but should that change in the future, it is our duty and prerogative to disclose our relationship to the company that furnished the product in full at the end of each of our entries in addition to stating so herein.
 Our Content.
      All written content provided on this site is, as stated by the publisher, our own, original work unless otherwise stated. Any media published either as visual aid or incorporated into the design of this page is the property of its respective owners; media not belonging to a third party (that would be items belonging solely to CloudNineKollektiv) are marked/indicated as such an item. Copyright laws are maintained by each separate entity, therefore we will not, in good faith, claim any data presented on our domain, by our editors or affiliates, as our original works or property.
      If at any time we feel moved to take up affiliation with any company, the nature of our relationship will be disclosed in full herein and can be indicated by the addition of their company logo or other supported materials to any satisfactorily visible location within our pages. For these affiliations, we may receive compensation in the form of currency, products, discounts on promotional (seasonal) items, or compensations in the form of visitor traffic. In other instances, we may choose to freely affiliate ourselves with any other publication/site/company/entity with whom we reach a cohesive agreement on hospitality practices and enter into non-contractual engagement. These types of affiliations are, in most cases, non-compensated and disclosure of any benefit that we coincidentally acquire from the relationship may not be reported.
For Business/Press Inquiries.
       For all business and/or press inquiries, please forward your questions to and at 'RE:Business/PR, plus [your company name]' to the heading for sorting purposes. We are grateful for your genuine interest in our publication and we will furnish all inquiries with the utmost expedition.
ATTN Sponsors: Please add 'RE:Sponsorship' to your heading so that your letter is properly sorted.
Statement for our Readers.
     You come first, we will maintain transparency regarding all of our content, including data provided by our affiliates. Every product we review is critiqued based upon actual happenings be they purchases or regular usage of a product. We won't tell you to use something that was not up to our standard intentionally; to expand upon the prior statement, we mean that we won't intentionally promote product that performed poorly when we used it, but we won't (most times) droll on about how dissatisfied we were with its performance. Instead, we may point out reasons as to why the product was not desirable and make a recommendation on how to improve it our get a better result through personal experience. An example of this would be if one of our editors reviewed a skincare lotion that was horrible, but pointed out that it's meant for dry skin types, where the writer has an more oily temperament. In this case, something to the effect of, "this product may be better suited to normal to dry skin types.." would be employed. If you have any further questions regarding our content or disclosure, please navigate to our contact page and choose your desired form of contact.

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